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Screen Printing Equipment
Cap Screen Printing Equipment

Caps | Workhorse

Caps Convex Printing System
The curved platen design & adjustable tension spring hold down for caps, works in harmony with the natural shape of the cap, and replaces the need for spray tack. Available in...
1 Color, 2 Color, or 4 Color w/Micro Registration
Press Includes These Items
1 Color Press
2 Color Press
4 Color Press
1 Sub Frame2 Sub Frames 4 Sub Frames
1 Screens2 Screens (Can request mesh) 4 Screens
1 Squeegee2 Squeegee 4 Squeegee
1 Curved Platen2 Curved Platen(#2/#3 Can Sub) 2 curved Platen
1 Screen Coater Holder1 Screen Coater Holder 1 Screen Coater Holder
1 Coating Squeegee1 Coating Squeegee 1 Coating Squeegee
1 Screen Storage Box1 Screen Storage Box 1 Screen Storage Box
1 Screen Wash Out Holding Frame1 Screen Wash Out Holding Frame 1 Screen Wash Out Holding Frame

Available in...
4 Color/4 Station

6 Color/6 Station
> Dual Bearing Registration
> Tool Free Screen Tilt
> Shur Lock Micro Registration
> CAPS Dual off Contact
> Roller Bearings on Rotary Sections
> Tubular Steel Construction
> 16 X 20 Pallets -Standard
> 7 Year Warranty

1) 2.00" x 4.375" Visors
2) 2.75" x 4.375" Youth
3) 3.00" x 5.500" Twill, Poplin Nylon, and Taslon
4) 3.25" x 5.500" Summer Mesh  
5) 3.50" x 5.500" Summer. Mesh with Large Print Area 
6) 2.75" x 4.375" Grooved Platen for Six Panel Caps
7) Koozie platen

A) Screens #80 #110 #124 #155 #200 #300
B) Cap Platen, 9 Sizes Available
C) Screen Coater Frame
D) Subframe
E) Coating Squeegee
F) Screen Storage Box
G) Screen Washout Holder
H) Bill or Visor Printer

Finally, a cap printing system that really works!
CapMax Series uses a curved platen and screen system which follows the natural shape of the cap for distortion free printing. De-signed as an integrated system, CapMax Series includes not only the dedicated cap printing machines, but curved element spot dryers, cap conveyor dryers, and a specialized screen processing accessories.

CapMax Printer Features
Each CapMax comes complete with: Platen(s), Squeegee(s) and Art Screen Guide, plus all these standard features:
  • Curved Screen and Platen System Micro-Registration on most models Screen and Squeegee Included Spring Loaded Cap Hold-Down Compatible with popular systems
  • Powder Coated Finish
1Color/1 Station
Platen 1 Low Crown, 6 Panel and Youth
Platen 2 Twill, Poplin, Nylon and Taslon
Platen 3 Summer Mesh
Platen 4 Summer Mesh - Large Print Area
Platen 5 Visors
Seam Groove Available in most sizes

Screen Coater Frame - facilitates coating
Screen Drying Rack - facilitates storage
Pre stretched Screen in popular mesh counts

CapMax Curved Element Spot Dryer
CapMax Cap Conveyor Dryer