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International Coatings

International Coatings

Quality products, innovation and superior customer service have been the hallmarks of International Coatings Company for close to half a century. A leader in the development of textile screen printing inks, International Coatings offers a full line of performance products and the formulating experience to make your ideas a reality. Visit www.iccink.com to learn more about International Coatings' textile screen print ink products, or email us at icinfo@iccink.com

Truly white whites! International Coatings whites are industry standards, from our premium fast flashing, low bleed 700 Series whites to our high performance 7031LF and 7034LF white inks. None of our whites contain bleaching agents, cause ghosting or emit any objectionable odors.

700 Series Low-Bleed HP (High Pigment) White Inks offer premium performance that is superior to other low bleed inks. These opaque fast flashing, low fusing, low tack white plastisol inks have a creamy viscosity, are easy to print, and require less pressure than most other whites. There is a 700 Series white to meet your every need including printing on tough to print polyester or polyester blend fabrics, through fine mesh counts, as an underbase, and for simulated and four-color process on dark fabrics.

Ultra White 7031LF & 7034LF are International Coatings' brightest white inks. These high performance, low bleed inks are formulated for ultra high-speed automatic printing. They are very creamy, short bodied, low tack and offer greatly improved shear for ease of printing. Ultra White 7031LF & 7034LF are well suited for high definition and resolution, fine detail and half-tone printing. They will deliver faster production speeds with less pressure, and can be printed through finer mesh counts. All of this translates into better performance at lower cost.

Accurate matches, ready to use, and easy to use! International Coatings' has the color matching system to meet your every need. The systems come complete with user-friendly formulating and usage guides - either as a hard copy or as part of International Coatings' PC and Mac compatible ink management software program.

UltraMix™ 7000 Color System plastisol series is an easy to use Low-Bleed Color Mixing System formulated for direct screen printing on light or dark 100% cotton fabrics or 50/50 poly/cotton blends (with the use of a low bleed white flash plate or underlay). The 7000 series plastisols are formulated for fine mesh printing and deliver continuous high-speed automatic runs with reduced tack at lower cost. Manual printing with this ink stresses the wrist less than with other comparable inks. The primary mixing colors are limited to nine super bright shades that provide accurate simulated color matches.

UltraMix™ 9000 Nylon Color System is formulated to provide simulations of the PANTONE® Color Standards for light and dark colored nylon fabrics. UltraMix™ 9000 is a fast flashing, 2-part plastisol based ink specifically formulated for printing onto normally hard to print nylon. UltraMix™ 9000 colors are also well suited for fine detail and halftone printing.

UltraMix™ 11000 Athletic Color System is formulated to provide simulations of the PANTONE® Color Standards for light and dark colored athletic nylon jersey fabrics. UltraMix™ 11000 is a very durable, high viscosity plastisol formulated for printing directly on to most athletic garments.

UltraMix™ 5000 Opaque Transfer Color System is designed for hot split transfer production for dark and light colored textile fabrics. UltraMix™ 5000 is an opaque, soft feel, hot split ink that produces exceptionally detailed transfers with the look and feel of direct printing.

200LF Series Color Concentrates enhance and strengthen many of International Coatings' plastisol inks, including the UltraMix™ 9000 and 11000 Color Systems. Use 200 Series Color Concentrates to improve color value or to create your own custom colors when combined with several of International Coatings' system bases.

Something unique to make your prints stand out! Consider International Coatings' complete line of specialty products for direct and transfer printing. Here are just a few:

High Density Inks (HD) produce dramatic 3-dimensional, heavy deposit prints with extremely sharp edges for maximum effect. These high viscosity plastisol inks have reduced tack and increased flow characteristics allowing easy printing through thick stencils. The inks' unique flash characteristics speed up production and shorten dwell time in the dryer. Stretch and durability can be enhanced by using International Coatings' 3805LF Super Stretch Clear in combination with its HD inks. International Coatings' HD inks are available as 142LF HD Base, 143LF HD White, and 144LF HD Black. HD colors can be made easily by combining 142LF Base with International Coatings' 200 Series Color Concentrates.

EZ Mold™ 1500 Transfer Plastisol adds a new dimension to garment decorating. This easy to use plastisol system creates a wide range of unique 3-D images and stunning special effects. EZ Mold™ 1500 is a single base system that can be used as a clear or as a mixing base for International Coatings color concentrates and other special effect additives.

Shimmers create sparkling iridescent and metallic effects. International Coatings plastisol shimmer inks are all press ready and add a bright, non-tarnishing sparkle to printed garments. The inks come in a variety of colors and effects, and contain a fine, shimmering glitter flake in a low bleed, low fusion, easy to print base - a real plus for manual and automatic printers when it comes to wear and tear on people and equipment.

140LF (Holographic) and 150LF Series Glitters produce dramatic and unique glitter effects, with high gloss and excellent durability. International Coatings plastisol glitter inks contain special glitter flakes in an ultra clear base. They can be printed directly to fabric or as a cold peel transfer.

220LF Puff Additive produces a unique raised or puff effect. This easy to use plastisol product can be hand stirred into International Coatings' Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks.

222LF Dulling / Suede Additive reduces surface gloss in most plastisol inks or creates a special suede look ink. It can be hand stirred into International Coatings' Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks.

1199LF Stretch Ink Additive can easily be mixed into Multipurpose, 700 Series or 1100 Series inks to dramatically increase elongation and adhesion on Lycra, Spandex and other types of stretch fabrics; or, it can be used as an under print to increase elongation of the 7000, High Density and other International Coatings inks. 1199LF is a 100% solids ink that contains no solvents and has excellent laundry resistance.

3806LF Gel Gloss Clear produces a very glossy "wet" look when printed on top of other flashed plastisol inks. This unique plastisol is not sticky or tacky and does not require increased temperatures for proper fusion. It can also be used as a caviar bead (PVC or glass) adhesive.