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Silk Screen Printing Training

Dan Cole is our equipment and product specialist. He heads our customer service department, and designs our seminar and training programs.

Dan is the top T-Jet sales and tech in the midwest. Dan has been to the factory on a number of visits for special training as well as updates on all the T Jet models. Dan is the first dealer techs to be approved by US Screen. Last year Dan won the award of top salesman world wide for the month of June 2006.
We have found that when people are trained on their own equipment, in their own shop, more information is retained. When trained in your shop, there are a number of advantages , over sending a person to a "Training Class" . To list a few:

1. The most important, Your and your staff are trained on the exact equipment that will be used in daily operations.

2. All training can be Video recorded , again detailed instructions on how to use YOUR equipment, which will be helpful 2 - 3 - 4 weeks after the training.

3. Efficient Working enviroment. Recommendations will be made to have efficient work flow. If the equipment is not positioned properly you maybe doing more work/wasting time by handling items multiple times or walking further between equipment than what is needed. When our Instructor sees the space that you have to work with, they can then make suggestions for placement of equipment. ( When you attend a class elsewhere , the classroom is setup to be the most efficient )

4. This probably should be #1, you get 1 on 1 training , just you and your employees and the instructor.

5. Cover a topic/method in depth until you are comfortable with it. Again this is personalized training for YOUR business.

6. SAVE MONEY !!!! Why pay for Travel , Hotel, and Food for 3 ( 2 employees and yourself ) for 3 nights + $600.00 per person for the Training Class ( 2 day class ) ,Oh yeah, the Employees will be on the clock while at class, and will be on the clock while traveling.? The answer is simple .... Don't .

Let's do some simple math.

Air Fare = $600 Round trip x 3 = $1,800.00
Hotel = $100 per room, per night ( 3 rooms , 3 nights ) = $900.00
Food = 3 people x 3 meals/day x 3 days = 27 meals @ $15.00 per meal ( Eating Healthy ) = $405.00
Rental Car = Mid Size $45.00 per day x 3 days + Fuel = $135.00
Wages = 2 employees x 8 hours x 3 days x $12.00/Hr = $576.00
Training Class 3 people x $600.00 = $1,800.00

Total for 3 to attend a 2 day Training Class = $5,616.00

Onsite Training ( Our instructor arrives at your Location ) Who can train up to 5 people.

Air Fare = $600.00
Hotel = 3 night x $100.00 = $300.00
Food = 1 person x 3 meals/day x 3 days = 9 meals @ 15.00 / meal = $ 135.00
Rental Car = Economy $30.00/day x 3 days + Fuel = $90.00
Onsite training Fee $1,000/ day + 1 Travel day = $3,000.00

Total for Onsite Instructor = $4,125.00

You save $1,491.00 , + 2 additional people can be trained, all of the above listed benefits, with those savings you could have 1 additional day of onsite training and still be breaking even compared to Attending a training class.

We have found that when people are trained on their own equipment, in their own shop, more information is retained. It really is more help full for you to stand in front of your wash out booth and remember the instructions we gave to you.

If you sent your people to attend a training class, the cost would be huge. You have to pay for their time, travel, room and board. You will probably send 2 or more people to the class.

However, when we send you our training technician, you will get training for at least 5 people for the price of sending 1 to a screen printing training class. The training we provide is designed around your business.

We will cover all aspects of screen printing including equipment and supplies. We will help you do a job from start to finish. Maybe you only need a refresher course on the proper procedures, or something more advanced.

Below is a list of topics that will be addressed in our training class.

Products and Usage
Solutions to
At Press
Post Printing
Chemicals Emulsion Break Down Degreasing squeegee Use Bulk Ink removal
Emulsion Pin Holes Screen Drying Off Contact Screen Library
Vellum Emulsions Micro's
Laser Film Use Emulsions Loading T-shirt
Accuart Scoop Coater Use Unloadinig A T-Shirt
Emulsion Thickness Pallet Spray
Emulsion Coating Ink Wash
Emulsion Drying Screen Opener
Art Work Use Flash Unit
Exposure Units Flashing
Step Wedge Test Pallets
Exposing A Screen Pellons
Stencil Washout
screen drying

For more information about training, call us at 800.769.9130