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Spraying Plastisol Glitter and Crystalina To
Decorate Demin and Other Substrates

A new decorating craze sweeping the teen market is denim that has been decorated with a random glitter pattern. When subjected to light, these randomly sprayed glitter particles give off a shimmering effect taking an ordinary pair of jeans or a jean jacket and turning it into a fashionable item and garner a higher profit sale. This instructional paper will provide instructions on the equipment and supplies needed to decorate the denim as well as learning and mastering this simple process.

What equipment is needed to perform the process?
Any conventional spray equipment such as a gravity feed, suction cup or pressure pot gun that is air assisted can be used. The most important factor of the gun is the opening of the spray tip which must be a minimum of 1.8 mm in order to allow the gun to spray glitter particles that are .008" in size. The typical equipment used is a suction cup gun that is used for spraying primers and other heavy paints. This gun has a one quart reservoir hanging underneath and is available from your local Home Depot or building supply store for around $50.00 excluding the compressor needed to provide compressed air.

What garments can be used with this process?
Even though any garment that will accept plastisol inks can be used the most widely used garment for this process is denim. The density of the denim fabrics promotes a better special effect because it allows the particle to lie on top of the fabric instead of hiding in the weave of a less dense fabric.

How do I make the glitter solution?
The glitter solution can be made in two different ways. The first method involves taking 35% of an existing glitter ink such as Unions PAGL-J Series and adding 60% by weight of the Spray Glitter Binder (PLFX-9060) to the glitter ink. If the viscosity is too high after mixing, up to 5% Mineral Spirits may be added for reducing viscosity.

The second method involves mixing the glitter solution from scratch. The advantage to this method is that you will not have to inventory different colors of finished glitter inks. You will only need to have on-hand the colors of powders or flakes, Spray Glitter Binder and Mineral Spirits. Mix 5-7% of the glitter powder or flakes into the Spray Glitter Binder. If the viscosity is too high an addition of 2-3% mineral spirits will turn it into an easy spraying solution.

For either method, it is highly recommended that you use an accurate gram scale to measure the components.

Is there a special spraying technique?
The actual spray technique will vary depending on the garment and the effect required. Typically, air pressure should be at 40 psi and the spray gun adjusted to put forth a fan (spray width) of nine inches when held at a distance of 12" from the garment. Spray the garment as you would spray paint a car with a vertical fan spray from left to right triggering at the end of the stroke. This process involves two passes with the spray in order to trap the flakes and increase durability. The relatively low level of glitter powder ensures that the area is not flooded with glitter and allows a slow build-up until you reached the desired density for the effect you are trying to achieve. Adjusting the fan to a small cone will enable heavier lines to be traced down the seams of denim shorts or pants.

What are the advantages of using a plastisol glitter solution?
By using a plastisol glitter solution the solution will not dry in the spray equipment like conventional paints or water based inks.

Are there special curing considerations?
Yes, even though this spray glitter ink cures when the entire ink film reaches 300° F. (149° C.), the heat reflective nature of the powders and glitter flakes may require a higher dryer temperature or longer curing time than normal plastisol inks.

Do I need special solvents for clean-up?
No, the spray tip or reservoir can be cleaned with mineral spirits or any screen wash designed for plastisol inks.

Are there any environmental or health and safety concerns?
No, this process involves the use of plastisol ink components and should be handled like any other plastisol ink during processing, clean-up or disposal. If you did not receive a MSDS on this product please call 1-800-526-0455 or visit the Union web site at www.unionink.com.

Customer testing is required and should be mandatory with this product or any new product or process before running production. Our technical advice and recommendations given verbally, in writing, or by trials are believed to be correct. They are not binding also with regard to the possible rights of third parties and do not exempt you from your task of examining the suitability of our products for the intended use. We cannot accept any responsibility for application and processing methods which are beyond our control, nor can we accept responsibility for misuse by you of the products or use by you of the products outside the specified written instructions given with the products. User must protect sensitive skin, exposed wounds and eyes from contact with products.